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January, 5 to 15 2020


February, 13 to 21 2020
*Price per person in a double occupancy, In a double inside Cabin, Including Glatt Kosher meals. Synagogue on board. NOT INCLUDED FLIGHT & TIPS.


  David Cruise is pleased to welcome you aboard our Glatt Kosher Premium Cruises.
We are looking forward to escort you in this wonderful adventure !
Before each departure, our Mashgihim have koshered the kitchens, reserved exclusively for David Cruise.
A new porcelain tableware is purchased on each cruise.
In the restaurant, an exclusive space is reserved to our kosher group.
The service is provided by an exclusive team .

You can enjoy our gourmet Glatt Kosher cuisine, prepared under the strict supervision of our Mashgihim in accordance with the requirements of Halav Israel, Pat Israel, and Bichul Israel.
Each table will be set with a white linen tablecloth, white porcelain service, silver cutlery and stemware.

Are you ready now to live this culinary experience ?

In the morning, you will have the choice between a Continental or British breakfast, with a variety of hot or cold dishes, salty or sweet and a buffet of salads, pastries, cereals, bread, and fruits. At noon, during our buffet, you will have a wide choice between meat, poultry and fish, all accompanied by various vegetables. A buffet of desserts and fruits will complete your lunch.
For those who will have a little hunger in the afternoon, a tea time will be offered.
In the evening, a dinner with a menu will be served to plate.
On the menu you will have the choice between 3 starters, 5 dishes (including meat, poultry, fish), and 2 desserts.
All meals are concocted by Costa’s Chefs and pastry Chefs.
And so that everyone can choose the formula that suits his greed, specific menus can be served on special request to passengers following a particular diet (vegetarian, gluten-free …).In the intimate ambience of the Samsara Gourmet Restaurant, or in the more casual setting of the Main Restaurant, you will enjoy your 5-star KDC cruise to delight your taste buds.

David Cruise wish you an excellent appetite.


A comfortable room will be reserved to be our synagogue throughout the cruise.

A Sefer Thora will be on board to ensure parachiot readings on weekdays and Shabbath. The 3 daily tfilot and Shabbat will be provided by a Rav and a baal koré.

A shabbat elevator will available.

David Cruise wish you a wonderful shabbath.


David Cruise offers you to share our beautiful meals of Shabbath, in an atmosphere of Simha ve Oneg !
Shabbath meals are prepared using only quality and fresh products.

Live an UNIQUE experience of Shabbath aboard the ship in middle of the ocean.
An unforgettable Shabbath wait you with the rest of the guests from all over the world.

David Cruise wish you Shabbath Shalom veOneg Shabbath !


David Cruise’s Hasgaha is under the supervision of Rav Chlomo Ifrah, graduated by Rav Bernfeld zl from Houg Hatam Sofer of Bne Braq.Student of Rav Chajkin zl, Rav Chlomo Ifrah, is a former student of the yeshiva of Aix les Bains. He leads the Beth Hamidrach Vayomer Itshak in Aix les Bains, France.

In order to meet the constantly growing demand from Jewish customers wishing to travel to new destinations in complete tranquility, David Cruise has been offering strictly kosher cruises on the Costa Cruise Ship, to the delight of its customers.The thousands of passengers who traveled with King David Cruise during these years were able to appreciate the excellence of this Kashrut.This is the result of a strong, close and trusting relationship that has only progressed positively between David Cruise  and the Costa Group. It is in strict compliance with the rules of Kashrut published by the Rav and his masgihim present, that the chefs on board offer a gourmet cuisine, refined, generous and Glatt kosher.

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